As the process is quite long I have been asked to explain it for all to see.  In the first instance the volunteer needs to contact me (Gregg Manning 01822 890072) or indeed any other volunteer already on the team.  Once done I will make contact with the new volunteer either by phone or email.

I will request some basic information such as

Full Name


Tel No

Date of Birth


This information will then be submitted by me to the police who will then send out a form to the volunteer.  Once received the form should be completed and then it will need to be collected by either the PCSO or myself.  When we collect the form we shall need to verify your identity, this is done with passport or driving licence and a Utility bill not more than two months old. A passport style photograph is also taken for your name badge.   The form is then taken away to be processed by the police.  

Once the form has been submitted we shall need to organise training, this is usually done in groups of 4 - 8 and takes about 90 minutes.  During this training you will be shown how to use the radar gun and your responsibilities.  

Once trained a monitored session will be arranged out on the road with the current team and either the PCSO or the Speedwatch Co-ordinator.  By this stage it would be expected that your form will have been through the vetting process and your name badge will be available.  You are now eligible to volunteer for any vacancy on the Rota.

Here is an article that appeared in the Tavistock Times on the 9th March 2017 and shows some new volunteers on a monitored session on Pork Hill.