What is Speedwatch

Speedwatch is a community based initiative operated in areas where speed is a problem.  It can only be used in areas where the speed limit is 40mph or less.  It involves groups of not less than two or more than four members of the community.  They are trained in the operation of a Radar Speed Gun and will position themselves in places which have been risk assessed by the police.  When they detect drivers who are exceeding the speed limit the Speed, Index plate, time, make, model and colour of the vehicle is recorded and this is fed back to the police at the end of the session. 

How you can help

There is an expectation that volunteers dedicate at least 2 hours a month to the scheme. 


• Training will be conducted by police and will take 2 hours; this involves the use of the equipment, road safety training and conflict reduction training. 


• Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, to help the community and gain new skills, where SpeedWatch is being run effectively the volunteers enjoy the role and find it both rewarding and sociable. 


• There is also a requirement for at least one volunteer “Co-ordinator” within each scheme who is vetted to a higher level and is happy to dedicate more time to the overseeing and running of their particular scheme. In this instance that person is Gregg Manning. 



• As co-ordinator I am responsible for the collection and return of the equipment, the uploading of the data received. • SpeedWatch empowers residents to work with the police to try and reduce speeding problems or perceived problems in their communities. 


• It is also then necessary to canvas for and recruit SpeedWatch volunteers – posters and leaflets are available to you. The more volunteers the better for all. 


The above vehicle came down the hill accelerating past cows and sheep on the wrong side of the road.  He totally ignored the signs and the high vis jackets and continued to accelerate past us.  As you can see on the second photo we recorded a speed of 62mph.  The photos were taken by a member of the public and passed to us.