2019 - A new year already off to a bad start with animals already being reported involved in RTA's.  It used to be a race to see who had the first baby of the new year.  It would seem we have our own race, how long will it take before an animal is killed.  Well I can tell you the first animal was killed on the 1st January 2019.  I cannot tell you how it happened nor can I tell you it was because of speed all I know is an animal is dead and a driver will be in shock that they were responsible.  I am not attaching blame as I do not know the details.  For a large part of the day and night it is very dark out there and these animals are often dark in colour, it really does require extra attention and where necessary a reduction in speed.

Session number Eight

We held a good session out on Peek Hill On Friday 15th.  The weather was good and visibility was 100%.  During the time out there we were passed by exactly 100 cars. Our speeders totalled 7 so making the sums quite easy, we had 7% that were speeding.  Two of these caused us a little concern, one young lad overtook another car and then continued to accelerate past us.  I am positive he knew we were there, it's hard not to spot four Hi Vis jackets.  Perhaps he thought we were just a bunch of villagers doing our own thing, hope he changes that view when he gets his letter.  The other car that caused us concern was a lady driver who appeared over the brow of the hill in the mid fifties and at no time did she slow her car down.  As she swept by us it was obvious why, she was holding her mobile phone to her ear, engrossed in her conversation and oblivious to us being there.  When we reported her for speeding we also made mention of the mobile phone.  I know that two years ago on this same stretch of road we would have expected at least double and maybe even treble the number speeding.  It really does feel as if we are slowing the traffic down at least on some roads.



Session number Seven

We actually managed to do a session today in the village of Princetown. We have not had the best of luck this year with the weather resulting in the last three sessions having to be cancelled.  The weather today was okay and we managed 90 minutes.  During that time we were passed by 59 vehicles and no one was exceeding the speed limit.  Excellent result although some might find it surprising.  I have to be honest standing out there with the speed gun you realise people are not driving quite as fast as you might have first thought.

Session number Six

This lunchtime, 28th January,  we were out at Peek Hill but in the small layby looking back towards the village.  We have not been here since before Christmas and it caught a few drivers out.  We were passed by 79 cars and only five of these were speeding.  The top speed recorded was 52 with an average speed of 48.2 mph so a much better result than we have had in the past.  I do feel that overall the issue of speed across the moors at least in our area has improved.  Still not perfect but we are getting there.

Session number Five

Bennetts Cross today, 24th January, was disappointing, it took me back to the early days when it seemed nearly every car was speeding.  As the session crept by and the number of cars passing built up the overall percentage dropped but not as much as I would have liked.  We finished the session with 31.5% exceeding the speed limit.  This really is very bad, and there were animals around.

Session number Four

This morning we were out at Postbridge just after sunrise.  Lovely morning and surprisingly a bit quiet.  In our session only 31 cars passed us with 8 speeding.  The top speed today was 65 and the driver either did not see us or did not care.  From the engine noise it sounded as if he was still accelerating.  This is a very selfish driver who will not stop until something happens to make him realise that he is just an accident waiting to happen.  Whilst out there the local bus stopped and the driver informed me that a BMW had passed him just before he got to the bridge where it changes into a single lane.  I wonder what sort of emergency would make someone risk their life like this.


Session number Three

Yesterday we were out on Pork Hill and I have to say the traffic is going a lot slower than this time last year.  Out of 95 cars that passed us only four were exceeding the limit.  This is really good news and very encouraging to myself and the team.  The top speed was 49 which is not exactly the crime of the century but still a bit too fast.  

Session number Two

So yesterday we had session number 2 of the year (168) in total. A bit disappointing as we had 15 cars speeding out of 49 so just under 15% but they have not seen us out near Posbridge for nearly a month. The fastest speed recorded was 62mph and yes we know its a fast bit of road but nearer two bridges there were loose sheep out on the verge. If it says 40 on the roads then that is the speed.

Session number One

So yesterday was our 1st session of the year, number (167) since we started.  It was a good session with 98 cars passing us and only 5 exceeding the speed limit.  Two of these were vans which is tending to be the case on many occasions.  It was bitterly cold and we had not been out since the 20th of December so to see such a low number of offenders was encouraging.  Back when we started it would have been normal to see at least 15 - 17 speeding vehicles on that road from that number of cars but its been steadily dropping which is all good news.

Session  Date Place Speed No of Vehicles No of Speeding Vehicles

Top Speed

Average Speed
1 09/01/19 Peek Hill 10.00 - 11.30 98 5 53 49.2
 2  11/01/19  Postbridge 12.00 - 13.30   49  15  62  49.99
 3  16/01/19  Pork Hill  14.40 - 15.50  95  4  49  47.25
4 21/01/2019 Postbridge 08.15 - 09.45 31 8 65 53.12
5 24/01/2019 Bennetts Cross   38 12 53 49.66
6 28/01/2019 Peek Hill JG21A 11.50 - 13.20 79 5 52 48.2
7  11/02/2019  Princetown JG20B  13.00 - 14.30  51  0  n/a  n/a
8 15/02/2019  Peek Hill 09.00 - 10.30 100 7 54 48.71