Guidance for the Start up of Speedwatch 2020


Car sharing to operate our new site out at postbridge

As our new site at the entrance to Archetons farm will only allow one car to park I propose the following in line with guidance from Devon county Council.  We meet at the old site in the large lay-by where we will park. I propose this site is only to use three people at the most which will be two plus me.  For the very short drive of about 2-300 yards we can sit well apart in my vehicle with the windows open with our faces covered.  I feel this should be safe enough for it to work.  Below is the advice from DCC.

Car sharers advised to take precautions

Our Deputy Director of Public Health has issued guidance to commuters and other car sharers as they head back to work or are out and about.

The best travel options are walking and cycling, rather than sitting in an enclosed space with other people, but if you do need to drive or share a lift with people from other households, please take some sensible precautions:

  • share the transport with the same people each time
  • keep to small groups of people at any one time
  • everyone in the car should wear face coverings
  • try to keep as much distance as possible between each other
  • travel side by side or behind other people where possible, and try not to face them
  • open windows to allow air to circulate
  • everyone should remember to wash their hands properly before and after their journey.


On the basis that the 'R' rate remains low and as restrictions are eased, CSW teams will be able to resume their Speed Watch Mid August.  Whilst we have been fortunate that the number of Covid cases in the South West has been low, we cannot be complacent.  

As It is possible that some of our volunteers may not wish to return to conducting roadside sessions until things are a little more settled I have taken this into account with the rota.  

I have no wish to put pressure on anyone, it may still feel too early for some, or they may be responsible for a vulnerable person.  Whatever the reason I will respect this.   

There will be changes to the way in which we operate and I will need you to consider the following changes to how we conduct our session.  Most importantly are the sites you monitor from as safe as possible.  Please let me know if you feel there is more we can do.


The number of volunteers, that will be required at any one time, will be a minimum of two though three to four volunteers is preferable as CSW is about providing a visible deterrent.

We must ensure that all those prepared to assist on the day, are healthy and not suffering any of the symptoms related to Coronavirus before running a session with them.  This will be a personal responsibility of all attending.

Social Distancing

All monitored sites should allow for social distancing.  Currently Government advice is that you should keep a distance of 1m apart.  To enable this to be done safely you need you to identify sites that you believe will be safe to monitor from.  This must take account of not only maintaining social distancing but that each of the volunteers is stood in a visible location, at least a metre back from the carriageway and with sufficient space behind or to the side should they need to step back quickly.  One thing we are not short of is space so I am sure we can manage this very well.

We must remember that we should also be conscious of not obstructing pedestrians who will themselves need to keep their distance.  The sites you operate from should as far as possible provide sufficient space for members of public to pass without having to step into the road. Volunteers should not be stood in gardens or further back along driveways unless they are clearly visible to approaching vehicles.  This piece of guidance suggests to me that Postbridge Bus Stop should not be on the rota as we cannot guarantee this.

Car sharing will not be appropriate for anyone not of the same household. Therefore volunteers should make their own travel arrangements to the monitoring site.  The only site this may be a problem is the new post bridge site which is restricted to two cars parking.  The original idea was to meet up and all go in one car but this now cannot happen so I think the best way is to restrict the number of volunteers at this site to just two for now.


Speed Watch High viz Jackets must still be worn.  There is evidence that Covid can be contracted from fabric this means no sharing of jackets.  Only CSW marked jackets/vests complying to EN 20471 can be used.  I am aware that none of us have this sort of jacket but Dorset assure me they are hoping to resolve this problem soon.  Until then we will have to continue to wear the ones we usually wear.

Volunteers who feel more comfortable wearing a suitable face mask to cover the nose and mouth may do so.  Gloves may also be worn but this is for each individual to decide.  Please note Devon and Cornwall Police are unable to provide these.

Use of the detector, clicker and Dictaphone/clipboard - I would suggest that, to minimise potential risk, each volunteer only handle one piece of equipment during the session.

 As coordinator I will be responsible to ensure that all the items are disinfected before and after each session.  


Please bear in mind that people have found the last few months stressful.  There have been incidence of those working for, and with public services being verbally abused.  Should you be confronted do what you can to diffuse the situation, don’t get into a protracted argument, alert your volunteers of the need to be vigilant and be prepared to contact the Police via 999 if the behaviour becomes threatening.  Whilst you must not video or photograph the individual, other members of the team should be noting a description of the vehicle or the individual should a statement be required from them.